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A spectacular Blue Grotto

28 June 2020 - 15h02

The coastal promenade running around the perimetre of Mareterra will be decorated, in its part located towards the Larvotto, with a Blue Grotto. This opening within the caisson belt will offer an exceptional view of the sea in the heart of the new district.

La Grande Bleue, the unique architecture of the boxes illuminated by the rays of the sun entering this unique place. If it was not planned at the start of the project, this Blue Grotto appeared self-evident during  last fall. “This is a very interesting idea which consists in creating a space allowing to see the interior of the caissons in the manner of a cave that the public can visit,” explains the director of Bouygues TP Monaco, Christophe Hirsinger. It is true that the bowels of this belt of caissons constitute a veritable “architectural cathedral”, a feat thus made visible to all. With a depth of 12 metres, the Blue Grotto will be accessible from the coastal promenade. A specially designed walkway will welcome visitors, a walkway secured by a beautifully looking railing overlooking the Blue Grotto. The works will start in the coming days and should be completed at the end of September.

Georges-Olivier KALIFA

© UEM Monaco – Anse du Portier

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