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A meeting to know everything about inflammatory rheumatism

16 October 2019 - 16h18

The Monegasque Association Against Inflammatory Rheumatism (AMCR) is organizing a free debate, open to all, this Saturday at Le Méridien, aimed at informing patients about these pathologies and their treatment.

How to live with these diseases? Inflammatory rheumatism is the generic name given to a set of various conditions, the common point of which is the painful and inflammatory involvement of joints, juxta-articular tissues and sometimes even those extra-articular. In order to inform and assist patients, the AMCR is organizing for the first time in the Principality this event, which brings together not only the AMCR but also the French associations on rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, two of the most frequent forms in people with inflammatory rheumatism. Registration for the meeting is free but mandatory. It is possible with the AMCR, the secretariat of Dr. Brocq at CHPG, the association ACS France (Action Against Spondyloarthropathies) and AFPric (French Association of Polyarthritis and Chronic inflammatory rheumatism).

Programme :

3pm– Welcome participants and visit of the stands, in particular:

Monegasque Association Against Rheumatism (AMCR)

Action against Spondyloarthropathies – France (ACS-France)

French Association of Polyarthritis and Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism (AFPric)

4:05pm – Testimony of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis

4:30pm – Rheumatoid arthritis

Doctors Brocq and Acquacalda from CHPG will discuss this theme and take stock of the disease in 2019

5pm – Testimony of a patient with ankylosing spondylitis

5:25pm – Ankylosing spondylitis

Doctors Brocq and Acquacalda from CHPG will discuss this theme and take stock of the disease in 2019

6:30pm – Contribution of surgery in 2019 by Dr. Lascar of CHPG

Daniela Guerra


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