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A very full schedule at the Fort Antoine

14 July 2019 - 9h54

For the 49th edition of the Fort Antoine, seven plays will be performed for the public. The performances will take place at Fort Antoine every Tuesday at 9:30 until 6th August and on Thursday 1st August,

“I think we have reached a perfect balance this year”, says Patrice Cellario, the Minister of the Interior, enthusiastically. This season, all the plays being produced have been written by modern authors, and it will therefore be possible to meet them during the performances. “We have a chance to have the interesting things that are being done with current writings on modern society”, explains Jo Bullitt, the planner of the event. If you want to attend the plays, it is highly recommended that you book a seat at the Tourist and Convention Authority. On Tuesday 2nd July, the Compagnie des Lumières et des Ombres performed La Conférence des Oiseaux by Jean-Claude Carrière.

Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï, and then Buffles

On Tuesday 9th July, the Théâtre de l’Argument performs an adaptation of Fabcaro’s comic strip Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï.  This piece, which is directed by Paul Moulin, combines a witty, satirical spirit with a political attitude. Like in a comic strip, the play follows the main character, uses sound effects, and requires a commitment from the actors. The author showcases intolerance of differences. “It’s a nod to our society, which is demonstrating a tendency to move in the direction of security”, adds Jo Bullitt. The third performance will be Buffles, performed by the la Compagnie Arnica. This adaptation of the trilogy by the Spanish author Pau Mirô is a poetic farce that uses puppets. It presents the family. The play touches on the sacrifices we are prepared to make for the safety of our nearest and dearest. “it’s a moving story with some amazing puppets. There is some incredible work by the director Emilie Flacher”, says Jo Bullitt.

Le Moche and Moi, Malvolio

On 23rd July, Le Moche will be performed by the Compagnie de l’Echo. “Marius Von Mayenburg, the author, has a scathing writing style”, emphasizes the planner. The topic of humans and beauty are examined throughout the show, as is the relationship with choice, the judgment of others and acceptance of oneself. I, Malvolio by Tim Crouch, directed by Catherine Hargreaves, will be the last play in July. The Compagnie Les 7 Sœurs will reveal the character from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night who comes to take revenge on people. The actor asks the audience about more or less absurd and horrible facts. “It’s a one-man performance, but we might say that he comes with all his buffoonery and his pack”, smiles Jo Bullitt.

Je vole… et le reste, je le dirai aux ombres and Sstockholm for the end of the season

On Thursday 1st August, the Fouic Théâtre performs Je vole… et le reste, je le dirai aux ombres. For his second appearance at the Fort Antoine, the playwright Jean-Christophe Dollé starts out from an unusual event that occurred in Nanterre: a man opened fire on the city councillors, and after he had been arrested and taken to 36 Quai des Orfèvres, he escaped and committed suicide. The author decided to put himself in his place, and describes the period of time between the start of his drop and the moment he touches the ground. “It’s a show that lasts for one second”, says Jo Bullitt with irony. The tragedy plays with the distortion of time and sound using sound effects. “The play shows images and takes us into our unconscious”, explains the planner. The final performance of the season will be Sstockholm by Solenn Denis, performed by the Collectif Denisyak. It tells the story of the imprisonment of a woman by her kidnapper, and exposes the Stockholm Syndrome. “The audience is fully invested, and the play asks the question of what we are prepared to do for our freedom”, concludes Jo Bullitt.

Coralie Maux-Renard

©Fort Antoine


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