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A new Monegasque martial art…

8 July 2020 - 9h49

The founder and Technical Manager of the International Academy of Martial Arts in Monaco and world champion in Krav-maga, Claude Pouget, has just created a new martial art, the Muneguda. Presentation.

Synthesis of techniques from kickboxing, self-defense, krav-maga, karate, K1-Rules, full-contact, boxing and many others in which Claude Pouget is illustrated either in competition, or by obtaining the highest diplomas and degrees, the Muneguda is defined, according to the concerned party as “an art of defense, strategy, health, mental strength, ethical values, well-being and art of living”. It also brings, according to Claude Pouget, multiple benefits from a physical, psychological and social point of view. Muneguda, for Munegu defense art, is also “enriched, in terms of personal defense, explains its founder, from my experience in the field in the performance of my public security missions in Monaco. I exercised, for thirty years, the functions of officer within the Police Department, having in particular been responsible for the elite intervention unit in charge of the protection of high personalities, head of the Groupe d’intervention and investigation at the judicial police, prevention officer, trainer within the Police Academy in self-defense.” Addressing all audiences, young and old, leisure or competition, the Muneguda will be carried out in an educational approach and an environment adapted to each. The practice of Muneguda will be officially inaugurated in Monaco next September, first among young people before gradually expanding to all.

Georges-Olivier KALIFA

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