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An artistic challenge open to all

31 January 2019 - 12h03

The 9th edition of the ‘Open des Artistes de Monaco’, organised by l’Entrepôt, brought together 97 artists from all walks of life to take up a challenge on an unusual subject. The gallery’s director, Daniel Boeri, offered artists the opportunity to express themselves on the subject of “the paradox of the Ô is that it is never silent.”

“This subject is not simple, how to illustrate all the nuances and emotions related to the Ô,” explained Caroline Rivalan, assistant gallery manager at l’Entrepôt. The first phase of the Open ended on January 23rd at midnight. At the end of which, 38 works were selected: 35 by the jury and three by online voters. Last night, during the opening of the exhibition, the second phase of the competition began. During this exhibition, the public is invited to vote directly at the gallery for the work of their choice.

Two prizes are available, the public prize with the votes cast at the gallery, and the jury prize through which the winner wins a solo exhibition at l’Entrepôt. These prizes will be announced on the closing evening on February 20th“Korka Ndiaye, last year’s winner, sold four of her works during her solo exhibition at the gallery, it was extraordinary,” Daniel Boeri said at the opening.

For Caroline Rivalan, “the particularity of this challenge compared to other competitions is that it is open to all artists, whether they are amateurs, professionals or semi-professionals, which is interesting because they are confronted with a single theme. There is also such a variety of mediums used, paintings, sculptures, photographs.” Once again this year, the ‘Open des Artistes’ extended internationally and broke its own record in terms of votes and visitors. 3,753 votes were cast, there were 17,160 visitors and more than 300 people attended the opening.

Daniela Guerra

®Camille Le Saux

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