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Three days to reinvent music

18 April 2019 - 11h11

The Académie Rainier III organizes today and until Saturday included, the Monaco Electroacoustique event, an international meeting of electroacoustic music, free and open to all, through various activities during the day and evening.

Many leisure activities await visitors from 2.30pm at the academy of music. On the programme, lectures, workshops, round tables and concerts by students are announced. To note, the highlights during the day: two master classes of electroacoustic composition and two workshops of sound spatialization. Finally, to finish the day, three free concerts are scheduled at the Théâtre des Variétés at 8:30pm.

A total of 15 composers and 60 students from 13 different countries were invited to this extraordinary event showcasing electroacoustic music. A style of music that differs from the classical because it seeks new languages ​​and modes of expression. Indeed, this music uses new technologies to create, transform, mix and spatialize the sound. Moreover, it is not based on the notion of “notes”, except on the sound material, its morphology, its timbre, as well as its evolution in time and acoustic space.

Daniela Guerra

©Bogdan Pasevich -Pixabay

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