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Exhibition of Tomasz Kucharski in Monaco

23 September 2019 - 9h00

Presented by the Milanese gallery Espinasse31, the contemporary and personal works of Polish artist Tomasz Kucharski will be presented at the Méridien Beach Plaza hotel until the 1st of October.

After an exhibition in Miami, and an upcoming date in Milan, it is full of enthusiasm that Tomasz Kucharski, Polish artist housed by the contemporary gallery and residency for artists Espinasse 31, confided about his first exhibition in the Principality, which will honor his series “Chapeaux”, “Vin” and “Insignes”.

A contemporary interpretation

An avid portrait artist, this self-taught artist is inspired by the great painters of the 20th century, such as Picasso, but also by his family and his father, who made him “immerse himself in art and culture” from an early age. He also gets his ideas from current artists. “Careful, I’m not copying! I give my own interpretation and modifications to get something original.”

World’s beauty in mind

The result is modern and creative works, that come from the combination of various techniques such as collage or ready-made, which allow him to express his vision of our world and its wonders. “While some of my works may seem aggressive, such as my “The Officers” series, which features military personnel, my only goal is to bring joy through my paintings.”

Engineer by day, artist by night

While his paintings were able to make the journey to the Principality, Tomasz had to remain in the Warsaw region, in Poland, from where he leads a career in engineering. Juggling between work and painting, this true art enthusiast accepts this double life, and makes it his strength. “It allows me to be totally independent from the industry, and to push my creative approach to its limits. It allows me to produce what I like, regardless of what people think.” A boundless creativity, which has attracted the attention of international galleries, such as his “adoption house”, Espinasse31, for which he will exhibit his works in Milan next month.


Lucas Leray

©Angela Buono

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