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Three questions to Adrien Anderson, the multi-faceted novelist

3 March 2019 - 14h12

A passionate radio columnist specializing in politics, culture and particularly in criminal matters and a versatile novelist, Adrien Anderson was present for the first time at the Salon du Livre in Monaco, and this to promote his latest book, Le Cercle de Seth , where the author provides an analysis of current terrorism.

Can you introduce Le Cercle de Seth ?

It started in Poland, I was in a seminar. During the visits I saw things that marked me … So I imagined a Polar, it was the birth of the Le Cercle de Seth.

With this work, I point the finger at terrorism, through the esoteric dimension. The guru of a sect becomes serial murderer. The inspector in charge of the investigation will gradually have the impression of getting closer to the murderer, then will discover that the will of this sect is to enslave the world.


Have you planned a sequel? Other books?

No, I have not planned anything and I could, because my story ends badly (he laughs). My hero will not die but he will live something that will affect him forever. There will be talk of reconversion and the power struggle within the police. With this work I’m not trying to scare readers, I’m just trying to illustrate what might happen someday.

My next book is a fiction. I change my style voluntarily, I refuse to lock myself into a specific genre. I want to question myself, to rediscover myself. What I wrote in the past had nothing to do with what I write today, and what I write today will have nothing to do with what I write tomorrow.


You’re ofte introduced as a “promising” author, what are your expectations ?

We never start with the Everest, the more we progresse in the life of author, the more we write and we refine a style, and for me, the ideal is to remain humble. I think that each author must bring his “paw” to the literature. The writer must keep a link with the reader, and this is partly through meetings. That’s what I expect: the exchange, to know the vision of the readership and to debate it, because I love to lose the reader in my pages, to push him to think, to try to understand what will happen.

Interviewed by Daniela Guerra

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