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The music band Jahneration in the spotlight for the Fête de la musique

21 June 2019 - 9h00

The music band Jahneration has been filling the concert halls since 2011. This year, the two singers will be on the stage of the port of Monaco to celebrate the Fête de la musique on Friday, June 21st.

After NAAMAN last year, the band Jahneration will be in the spotlight for the Fête de la musique in Monaco. At 9 pm., the reggae and hip-hop notes of the Parisian duo will rise in the harbour. This will be the first time that the two artists will perform in Monaco. “We thought it was a good idea to celebrate the Fête de la musique in the Principality”, says Theo. The singers have high hopes for June 21st. “We expect a lot of people, an extraordinary atmosphere, explosive and full of celebration. We’re very excited to be here soon”, praises the musician. Since 2011 and their duet with NAAMAN, Me nah fed up, more and more people are attending their concerts. “I think people, fans of reggae and other music genres, identify themselves in our songs”, says Theo. Fans aren’t the only ones thrilled at these performances. “You feel a lot of energy, adrenaline, love and especially a lot of joy when you see that the music works and people are singing and dancing”, says the young man.

A full summer and autumn

After the Fête de la musique in Monaco, Jahneration will be present at “about thirty festivals this summer and then on tour this autumn and all next year”. In the near future, the two artists will attend the Ardèche Aluna Festival on Thursday, June 27th, at Demon d’Or (in the Rhône), on Friday 28th, in Garorock (in the Lot and Garonne French department), on Saturday 29th, at Megascene (in the Loire Atlantique), on Friday, July 5th. After the summer season, the band will be performing “everywhere in France, Poland and also in Belgium”. The second album of the two singers will also be released in the fall, three years after their eponymous album, Jahneration.


Coralie Maux-Renard

© Mairie de Monaco

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