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The 5th edition of MAGIC is in full swing

10 March 2019 - 16h21

3,000 visitors toured the Grimaldi Forum yesterday at the fifth MAGIC exhibition, dedicated to pop culture, video games and manga.

On the program, conferences, a cosplay contest, an exhibition space and book signing sessions throughout the day with many celebrities, such as Yu Suzuki, creator of the famous video game Shenmue, Leiji Matsumoto, famous cartoonist or the group Marseille IAM.

Wesley Snipes, this year’s surprise

Known for his roles in Jungle Fever or Blade, the American actor gave a lecture on his acting and introspection necessary to be in the shoes of a character. Captivating, it was with great emotion that the fiftieth anniversary told anecdotes. “I wanted to be Shaft-like vampire and fight like Bruce Lee,” said the actor, speaking of Blade.

Other highlights of the day, the lightsaber fight by The Guardians of the Force, academy that teaches the handling and practice of the lightsaber in the form of choreographed and improvised fights, as well as the famous cosplay contest where the super saiyan San Goku, Dr. Strange, Groot, and many others have awakened the bewilderment of visitors.

Daniela Guerra


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