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Stéphane Valeri: “the suffering that affects women can not remain in the shadows”

10 March 2019 - 12h05

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the National Council organized an event on Friday, 8 March, on the theme of “equality at work”.

The hemicycle welcomed many people, all present to celebrate this day. A video chronicled the issues that women face, such as the gender pay gap, access to leadership positions, mental tasks, housework, and more.

“Today, in Monaco as in France, women earn less than men. In some countries we have statistics in support, in others, such as in Monaco, these statistics still have to be produced, “explains Nathalie Amoratti-Blanc, chairwoman of the commission des Droits de de la Femme et de la Famille during her speech. A problem that remains the priority of the commission. For this, an analysis of wage differences will be carried out by the IMSEE soon, then a commission of control and claims dedicated to this subject will be created. Another important point addressed is occupational diversity and the fight against sexual harassment at work.

The National Council, a strong commitment to women

Stéphane Valeri emphasized his commitment and support for the creation of a compensation commission for victims of criminal offenses, the CIVIM, whose objective is to accompany all women subjected to domestic and / or sexual violence. “The suffering that affects women can not remain in the shadows,” he recalled, shortly before the end of his speech.

In his speech, Stéphane Valeri spoke of course about the draft law on the contract of cohabitation, the opening of the debate on the decriminalization of voluntary termination of pregnancy, and the extension of maternity leave, for which the government has announced Friday the tabling of a bill in recent days, whose President of the National Council announced the vote before end of June.

Daniela Guerra

®Conseil National

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