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Larvotto seaside resort: the elected town councillors’ reservations

26 June 2019 - 16h03

Presented in a public session of the municipal council last night, the urban planning dossier relating to the construction of the new Larvotto resort on Avenue Princesse Grace was unanimously adopted, not without reservation though. Indeed, several elected officials spoke about the aesthetic aspect, the public space of the beaches as well as the structure of the toddler daycare/Mini-club, which was “missing” during the new presentation of the project by the government…

Last night, the main agenda was the construction of the new Larvotto resort. Revealed at the beginning of May by Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, the project includes a redesign of public spaces on two main areas. The first is the so-called “high” promenade area, which is 13,000 square metre, connected to the Avenue Princesse Grace, exclusively reserved for pedestrians and cycle paths. This walkway will accommodate three commercial volumes converted into duplexes as well as a children’s playground and will be decorated with a pergola covered with photovoltaic panels. The second zone relates to the beach area of about 14,000 square metre, the same extent as the current one, including nevertheless four private beach concessions, representing a little more than 20% of the occupancy rate.



Only one public beach in Monaco


Marjorie Crovetto-Harroch was the first to “rejoice in the creation of a real bike path” but assured she was “opposed to having a one more millimetre of sand being given to a private manager”, stressing that it was the only public beach in Monaco. The mayor, Georges Marsan, joined the elected official: “This is a request from our residents”. She then recalled that the development of a non-smoking area was also requested but that the application had not yet received any return. Nicolas Croesi welcomed the new Larvotto but raised some questions about the aesthetics of the project, which was considered too “aseptic”. “For some people, it looks too much like an airport and not enough like a seaside resort”. Afterward, with Chloé Boscagli-Leclercq in charge of the delegation of early childhood and families, they discussed the maintenance of the toddler daycare/Mini-club of the Larvotto. “During the school year, the toddler daycare welcomes about thirty children from 2 to 3 years old and in the summer, it is the Mini-club for 50 children a day from 3 to 12 years old. During the summer season, it is the only public childcare structure located in the Principality”.

What about the toddler daycare/Mini-Club?

If during the work, it should be relocated to the NiBox, the structure would seem to have been “forgotten” in the government’s project, much to the elected officials’ surprise. “We came with a project ready to vote and we discover that an essential structure is not planned. Not only do I want the structure to be preserved, I want it to be expanded! Early childhood is a strong point of Monaco’s attractiveness and it is even more justified because Larvotto is a central district”, reacted Georges Marsan. Before adding: “I will not go so far as to say that the structure has been removed from the project, because I am an optimist”. Nicolas Croesi objected, however, before closing the debate: “But it was not mentioned in black and white!”

Délia Kriel

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