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Shibuya Production in Japan

14 November 2019 - 13h46

With its growing success, MAGIC Monaco, the conference dedicated to the manga world organized by the Monegasque company, Shibuya Production, took up the challenge of exporting to Japan, the cradle of pop culture. After a successful debut, the second edition of the MAGIC Kyoto took place on the 6th of November, the occasion for its founder, Cédric Biscay, to confide about the export and the reasons of MAGIC’s success.

For this second edition of the MAGIC Kyoto, which is modelled on her Monegasque big sister, Shibuya Production could count on the exceptional presence of Princess Akiko, member of the Imperial Family of Japan, British William Simpson, story boarder of the Game of Thrones series, and brilliant Japanese video game creators Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Yu Suzuki.

A know-how recognized by the masters

This MAGIC Kyoto is the recognition of the masters for Cédric Biscay, who is still surprised to have been contacted by the mayor of Kyoto himself. “That fact the city of Kyoto, its mayor and even the governor of the region wanted to meet with us was unbelievable, I said yes without thinking.”

An almost accidental success

A recognition that rewards the success of MAGIC Monaco, a now unavoidable event, which was initially supposed to be a simple corporate dinner. “Surprisingly, we received confirmation from many of the big names in pop culture. So, we had the crazy idea to make it a real event!”

Monaco, the perfect ingredient

No magic recipe, but passion, a little craziness and open-minded Monegasque speakers will have been enough for Shibuya Production to grow. “Monaco is internationally recognized, there are many potential investors and the video game market was not exploited.” As a thank you, Cédric Biscay announced the release of his flagship video game, Shenmue III, on November 19, the Monegasque National Day.

Lucas Leray

© Lescargotgraphe

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