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Renovation and elevation of Les Mélèzes block

28 July 2020 - 15h55

On March 11 2019, the national housing plan was launched. Since then, over the months, its components have been the subject of studies to lead to finalised projects. This is particularly the case for Grand Ida but also for Les Mélèzes, rue Plati.

The Grand Ida site is progressing at a rapid pace with, currently, the end of the demolition of the buildings on its right-of-way while a solution has just been found with the owners and tenants of 8, 10, 12 and 14, rue Plati, this which will allow their ground surface to be inserted into the perimeter. It remained to determine the choices to be made for other buildings affected by the national plan for nearby housing, namely Les Cèdres and Les Mélèzes which, ultimately, will not be rebuilt, as it had been envisaged. Concerning the Mélèzes, the Government decided to proceed with their renovation and to raise them by two floors. This operation will be carried out roughly simultaneously with the construction of Grand Ida located on the other side of rue Plati in order to limit the disruption for the occupants who will stay in their apartments. At the same time, as announced in recent days, the various networks will also be completely renovated in this sector.


Façade rue Plati of the project © J.B. Pastor & Fils


14 additional apartments

In practice, the maximum will be done to limit nuisance and ensure safety. Sound insulation which consisted of placing a tarp directly above the balconies had even been considered for Les Mélèzes but had too many disadvantages and was abandoned for lighter protection. In fact, scaffolding will be installed on the facade of the building during the works to allow access for companions while the lower part will have a kind of tunnel to protect the passage of vehicles and pedestrians on rue Plati. The whole project was presented yesterday to the occupants by Rémy Rolland, the administrator of the State Property Authority, Patrice Pastor, deputy president of the companies JB Pastor & Fils who carry out the work and by Albert Croesi, in charge of mission to the Minister of State . The project consists in raising with a sixth and a seventh floor this building of the 70s which it was specified that it was very healthy to realise 14 additional apartments including an apartment for people with reduced mobility (56 apartments instead of 42). The heightening will also be made largely in wood, especially for the facade.


Les Mélèzes © AC



As for the renovation stricto sensu, it is planned, despite the scaffolding which will be present for a year and a half, to inconvenience the occupants to a minimum. Its objective is to make Les Mélèzes, a BD2M building, Mediterranean Sustainable Buildings of Monaco by acting on energy consumption, thermal expenditure and acoustic protection. To achieve these different objectives, the thermal insulation will be carried out from the outside, the bay windows and the roller shutters whose boxes will be outside will be changed, the oil heating will be replaced by a connection to the loop thalasso-thermic (as well as at Les Cèdres). Other improvements: each apartment will be able to connect to risers for air conditioning and heating, while elevators modified to provide access to new floors will consume less energy. All without forgetting the installation of LEDs.


© AC


A necessary solidarity

It was not hidden from the occupants of the Mélèzes who came to inform themselves last night at this meeting at the Grimaldi Forum that the most difficult period in terms of nuisance was the one which has just started, scheduled to last a year with the leveling of Grand Ida while the delivery of these buildings is scheduled for the last quarter of 2023.

As for Les Mélèzes works, they were scheduled between the start of the school year 2021 and spring 2023 but they will start in January 2021 at the request of the State Property Authority in order to benefit from more efficient sound insulation to protect occupants during periods of binding works of phase 1 of Grand Ida. On the other hand, periodic information meetings will take place and each occupant can, if necessary, make comments or requests.

Work that is part of the national housing plan, the success of which depends, in some cases, on solidarity between all to achieve the objectives set, as has been stressed.


© J.B. Pastor & Fils


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