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Port of Ventimiglia: half of the work carried out

9 February 2019 - 15h10

Scheduled for delivery at the end of the year, the port of Ventimiglia is entering a more spectacular phase. After the preparatory and underwater work phases, the site is now rising above sea level, gradually taking shape.

The structural works, the fuel tanks and the main quay with its networks have just been completed. Lot 3, with a budget of nine to ten million euros and covering all the secondary technical lots, the construction of the harbour master’s office and its annexe, is currently being awarded.

With a capacity of 178 berths for ships from 6 to 70 metres, the port of Ventimiglia should, in less than a year, bring an opportune solution to the managers of the Monaco Ports Operating Company (SEPM), whose work to optimise water bodies in the Principality has reached its limit. At 7.5 nautical miles, less than 14 kilometres from Monaco, the port of Ventimiglia has a circular profile of 250 metres in diameter for a 65,000m2 basin and a total area of 140,000m2 as part of the concession agreement negotiated with the Italian authorities. “It will be an infrastructure with the same standards as those of Hercule or Fontvieille in the Principality,” stresses Daniel Réalini, SEPM’s Deputy Director General. And probably even more standards since, as a recent construction, it will also have to comply with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

With prices 10 to 15% lower than in Port Hercule, the port of Ventimiglia already seems to be sparking a keen interest: berth sales, according to Daniel Réalini, are in line with the commercial schedule.

Georges-Olivier Kalifa

Photo © Georges-Olivier Kalifa

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