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19 January 2020 - 9h01

Wishes from the Police Department, the CHPG, the town hall, the Union Monegasque made it possible to evoke this week the Principality’s several major issues in very different fields. Next week, the economy will take a more prominent place in the news, simultaneously the Festival du Cirque will be in the spotlight.

The ceremonies’ wishes are an opportunity to take stock and draw up perspectives for the current year. Those that took place this week were no exception to the rule. Last Monday, the government adviser-Minister of Interior, who delivered the traditional speech of the Police Department in the absence of its director, Richard Marangoni, who was recovering from severe bronchitis, confirmed to the audience: once again, crime decreased in the Principality last year. Previously he had created a certain suspense: “For almost 10 years, we have observed a regular decrease in delinquency in the Principality, diverging from the curves of most European countries. So, a stabilization or a slight increase in the figures cannot be considered as an anomaly or a catastrophe because we would remain in levels, all in all, very appreciable and envied”. This is not the case, the figures are still falling and have indeed been since Richard Marangoni took office, underlined Patrice Cellario, as since 2016, general delinquency has decreased by 16% and by 52% for public highway. It is also an opportunity to recall that the Police Department 2020 plan initiated in 2016 has come “almost to the end of its deployment“. 2019 saw the creation of the Unit for the fight against technological crime and this beginning of the year 2020 will see the establishment of the Unit for the preservation of the living environment. But prevention is everyone’s concern, insisted Patrice Cellario, who stressed the importance of “active and confident” participation by socio-economic actors in the Principality and the usefulness of the “Monaco a safe city” programme. For his part, the Sovereign emphasized precisely that one should not rely entirely on Police Department but that one should also respect the rules of prudence and he warned young people against addiction.

CHPG: modernization and departures

Three days later, Prince Albert II was speaking, this time, on the occasion of the CHPG’s wishes evoking a “beautiful and noble mission“. He also declared that he was aware of the scope of the work represented by the renovation of the hospital buildings: “I appreciate the patience it imposes on patients and their families“. Just before this ceremony, the Sovereign had the head of the radiology department, Philippe Brunner explained the characteristics of the two new scanners, recently installed at the CHPG, then had paid a visit to the entirely renovated ENT department. Significant investments (almost 2.5 million in the first case and more than 400,000 in the second). The director of the CHPG, Benoite de Sevelinges, presented the hospital’s activity last year in an intervention focused on people, society and teamwork. She announced several retirements of managers planned for this year 2020, in particular several heads of department. There has been a modernization of certain premises and equipment of the current CHPG while awaiting the new hospital whose “work has been effectively relaunched by the Public Works department“, said the director. As for the Cap Fleuri, the Cap 2 building should be delivered in 2021.

This Thursday was also marked by the presentation of the mayor of Monaco’s wishes, Georges Marsan, surrounded by several members of the municipal council. He insisted on e-services and the development of the second generation of the Monegasque identity card which is due to see the light next year. He presented various initiatives in the ecological, cultural and social fields and was delighted with the prospects of relocating the club Le temps de vivre.

Another wishes’ presentation last Thursday was Jean-Louis Grinda’s. The elected Union Monegasque which represents one of the two minorities of the National Council and chairs the Commission for the modernization of public accounts returned on this occasion to this modernization demanded by the elected officials and which the Minister of State addressed before the officials and state agents last week. Among other themes: the primitive 2020 budget for which he again explained his vote.

Violence against women: first publication

Elected officials and the government are mobilized to fight against violence against women. The highly anticipated first publication of data on this violence was released this week by the Committee to promote and safeguard women’s rights and the IMSEE. They come from the Police Department, the Judiciary Services, the CHPG as well as from AVIP, the Association d’Aide aux Victimes d’Infractions Pénales. The Police Department thus identified 31 acts of violence committed against women in Monaco last year, but many other data have been communicated and are now available.

The news was marked this week by several changes. We learned the appointment of a new director of Civil Aviation, Jérôme Journet who succeeds Bruno Lassagne while Frédéric Lefèvre, new bailiff, successor to Marie-Thérèse Escaut-Marquet, was sworn in last Tuesday. On another level, late in the day yesterday, Stéphane Valeri presented the Medal of Honour of the National Council to Charles Leclerc who was accompanied in particular by his brother Arthur. The latter has just joined the Ferrari Driving Academy.

Finally, if the week had started with the launch on Monday morning, in the presence of the Sovereign, of the 22nd Day of Taste by Joël Garault, since Thursday it has been under the sign of the circus with the 44th Monte-Carlo Festival. This institution which, under the leadership of Princess Stéphanie, is a strong element in the Principality’s international image. Horses are at the heart of the event this year and we will know the winners of this 2020 edition on Tuesday evening.


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