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NICT, Monaco Telecom and the town hall meet local people

15 May 2019 - 10h51

The two entities signed a partnership yesterday morning whose objective is to support the Monegasque population for a better everyday use of new technologies, information and communication (NICT) through innovative services, workshops for seniors and thematic conferences.

A “symbolic signature” according to Martin Peronnet, General Manager of Monaco Telecom, which will allow the two entities “to explain, share and exchange” on advances and technological innovations. This collaboration focuses on three key areas. First, the free installation and subscription of the remote alarm line (a security system that allows people with loss of autonomy to remain at home while being connected to a telephone alarm 24 hours a day) , by Monaco Telecom to people with a box Monaco Telecom. Of the 700 potential beneficiaries, 300 people already have access to this service.

An approach for seniors

Then the annual workshops for members of the club Le Temps de Vivre, by the teams of Monaco Telecom, offering training for the use of telecommunication devices and digital security. The first appointment of the year is given in September. Between three and four workshops are planned per year, a figure that can evolve “according to demand,” says Georges Marsan, mayor of Monaco.

Finally, thematic conferences for the Monegasque associations at the Maison des Associations (A Casa di Soci) are planned, the first of which will take place on Thursday 27 June. The dates and times of the conferences will be communicated by the associations directly to their members. In addition, A Casa di Soci will soon benefit from a mobile network equipment and wifi by Monaco Telecom and that gracefully.

Daniela Guerra

©Mairie de Monaco

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