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Christmas is back to the Oceanographic Museum

15 December 2019 - 10h39

On the occasion of the holiday season, the museum offers new activities from December 21 to January 6, 2020.

What do corals eat? Who prepares the meal for sea urchins and turtles? An animator and a chef wait for visitors in front of the new aquarium kitchen to answer all questions regarding animal feeding. “Tous en cuisine” is the new workshop for young and old. But this is not the only novelty. For this period, two unreleased 360 ° films are also showing. First of all, “The shark island”, telling a story of the teams of Explorations from Monaco to Malpelo, off the Colombian coast, in March 2018. Sandra Bessudo directs a delicate shark tagging operation while diving objective of studying the migrations and the breeding sites of these large predators. Then comes “Investigation in troubled waters” still in Malpelo. While the studies on sharks continue, the murky waters are the subject of a mysterious survey on biodiversity, led by Professor Mouillot and his teams …

The tactile pool, the fluorescent coral room or the Mission Martinique 2017/2018 exhibition by Explorations de Monaco as well as the space dedicated to sea turtles are also on hand and await the public every day from 10a.m

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