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Monegasque passports: how to use the PARAFE device

2 August 2019 - 11h14

Since March 27th 2019, Monegasque passport holders are eligible for the PARAFE (Rapid Automated Crossing of External Borders) service, which allows certain border crossing points in France to be passed more quickly.

Crossing borders more quickly and autonomously is the objective of the PARAFE service, which is gradually deployed at many border crossing points in France. For now, the device, which operates mainly through facial recognition, is available at the airports of Paris (Orly and Roissy), Marseille, Lyon and Nice as well as at the Eurostar terminals of Gare du Nord and Saint-Pancras. As of March 27th 2019, Monegasque passport holders are eligible for this service, as are nationals of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Andorra and San Marino.

Who can use PARAFE?

If you are an adult or a minor aged 12 years (only if you enter the country) and if you have a Monegasque biometric passport, you can benefit from the PARAFE service. The approach is simple: present yourself in front of the airlock and place your passport on the reader ; once you have entered the airlock, you’ll need to place yourself in front of the camera in order to be identified and to be able to cross the border.


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