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Monaco Telecom gets a makeover

2 April 2019 - 15h17

No more monthly packages as we know them. The Monegasque company is reinventing its offers and now offers new ranges at competitive prices, a more efficient network, and 5G coverage by the summer of 2019 among others.

Falling rates for adults and children! Those under 26 will finally be spoiled with two non-binding mobile offers including the first children’s package, the Start Mini at € 3.99 per month. Regarding the internet ranges, the Box Mini revolutionizes the offer at the monthly rate of 39.99 €. Also note, mobile discounts are possible on all internet offers and the data storage capacity of the packages has increased! “Our idea was to democratize our offers and offer a higher quality service at more affordable prices,” says Martin Peronnet, General Manager of Monaco Telecom.

More efficient networks

The mobile network is strengthening in several neighborhoods where coverage is limited, including border areas such as the western border of Monaco, Saint Roman or the Golden Square, not to mention the total coverage of tunnels, underground car parks and pedestrian galleries from here the end of the year as well as the public elevators for the year after! Then, in 2020, the fiber’s commercial offers will be launched and 25% of households will be eligible. Deployment work has already started.

5G, novelty of the year

This year Monaco will become the first country covered in 5G. Indeed the company plans to deploy this summer. “5G is the future. It is more efficient and economical, it emits less electromagnetic waves and only when used, “says Martin Peronnet. In addition, the new compatible terminals will arrive before the summer and all mobile and internet offers will integrate 5G.

Daniela Guerra

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