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Monaco Optimist Team Race, 2nd place for Monegasques

13 January 2019 - 16h49

The Monegasque regatta team won 2nd place against the Turkish team. The regattas started Thursday, January 10 at 12pm with a first match between Monaco and China. Out of the 120 matches in the Round Robin programme to allow all teams to meet, 8 matches decided between the finalists this Sunday.

16 teams, 16 nations, being 64 sailors under the age of 14, was the setting for the 10th edition of the Monaco Optimist Team race organized by the Monaco Yacht Club. This original match race by team of four Optimist, enabled to highlight the technical qualities, tactics as well as the solidarity and team spirits and has been arousing enthusiasm with the participation of many clubs from all over the world.

A first team race for young Monegasques

Neck and neck from the very beginning of the race, the Monegasque and Finnish which were the only undefeated teams fought hard. It was without taking the Turkish, led by the young Monegasque racers in the first round, into account. A tough struggle ensued between the favourites ending with the Turks victory. For young Monegasques, who participated in their first team race this year, this remains a true performance though.

1st place: ARM Urla Sailing Club

2nd place: Monaco Yacht Club

3rd place: KSSS Royal Swedish Yacht Club

With dream sun and calm sea conditions, this event is an opportunity for these young athletes to meet other passionate people of the same age, around the common values ​​of sailing: friendliness, fraternity and solidarity.

Daniela Guerra

@MD – Yacht Club De Monaco

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