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Monaco Art Week, an art history

26 April 2019 - 8h00

A unique course combining old and modern art awaits visitors from 24 to 28 April. The perfect opportunity to meet local auction houses and galleries.

This is the second time that a path dedicated to art is born in the Principality. On the programme, two schools. The first, dedicated to ancient art, begins with Moretti Fine Art which presents five recently discovered panels, executed by Giovanni Balducci, called il Cosci, and commissioned by Pope Clement VIII for the papal high altar of St. John’s Basilica Later in the year, Sotheby’s offers different collections covering different periods, from the 40s to the 70s. The Grippaldi Gallery, on the other hand, offers a view of Arman, an artist. who will actively contribute to one of the most remarkable adventures of the century, the New Realism. Finally, Wannenes – Art Contact highlights the Belle Epoque through many works.

For lovers of contemporary art, NM> Contemporary offers a confrontation between different practices of artists working in Italy, who have at the base a number of common denominators: powders. Artcurial and the SBM exhibit “Monaco Sculptures”, an urban route of sculptures in the Principality. New gallery of this edition, Bartoux Galleries highlight different unique pieces of contemporary artists. Regarding the greedy pop-culture, G & M Design looks at the life and work of David Bailey, photographer, filmmaker, painter and sculptor is one of the leading figures of contemporary art of the twentieth century. Then, as usual, Kamil Art Gallery presents an Iranian artist, in this case, Ali Akbar Sadeghi. Finally, Monaco Modern’Art offers an exhibition by Philippe Pastor, artist very committed to the protection of the environment.

Daniela Guerra

©La Galerie Grippaldi-ARMAN BACILLE 1961

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