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Mareterra: strong co-activity on the Larvotto side

6 July 2020 - 11h08

This is a transition period on the Northern part of the project this month with on the one hand the end of soil treatment operations, on the other the start of the laying of riprap and, finally, the launch of the civil engineering part.

Good news. The major soil treatment operations on the Larvotto side of the future area conquered by the sea are slightly ahead of the forecast schedule, despite the constraints caused by the health crisis. Over the past few days in June, they have given way to another activity, that of laying riprap in this area, along the belt of caissons. Blocks of 10/15 tonnes have been gradually put in place since June 25th. At the same time, the civil engineering part could have started a few days ago. Placement of sea walls, handrails and others will last until the end of September. “This strong co-activity on the site requires perfect organization,” emphasizes Christophe Hirsinger, director of Bouygues TP Monaco. But due to the small advance that we have managed to achieve on soil treatment operations as well as an effective collaboration between the different teams, everything is currently going as planned.”

Georges-Olivier KALIFA

© Bouygues TP Monaco

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