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Fight against pediatric cancers: “Music is the best way to bring everyone together”

24 March 2019 - 11h46

The Fondation Flavien is organizing next Wednesday at the Théâtre des Variétés, the Pouce la Vie event concert, the proceeds of which will go to the benefit of medical research for the fight against pediatric cancer and rare diseases. Meeting with the new godfather of the concert, Jean-Félix Lalanne.

The music resounded throughout the Académie Rainier III during the rehearsals of the Pouce la Vie concert. The new godfather, Jean-Félix Lalanne, had responded. It is in a classroom and away from the sounds that the famous guitarist and songwriter of French film music confides.


You are the new godfather of Pouce la Vie why did you get involved? What does this concert mean to you?

It is impossible not to project with this fight. I have a daughter who is the same age as Flavien would have today (12 years old) To sponsor a work that is both dramatic and hopeful, especially with the courage of Denis Maccario (founder of the association) is something extraordinary.

I am honored and proud to add my name to such a work. When I see Denis I tell myself that it is not easy to turn the page after such an event and he always has a smile, he is always full of gratitude. For me, being here is giving a little bit of self.


How did you meet Denis Maccario and the Flavien Foundation?


I knew the association through Frédéric Vitteaud (production coordination of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and musician of Good Times Foundation group), he is a long-time friend. One day he called me and proposed to become godfather of the concert. It was the perfect opportunity to put my music to the benefit of a beautiful action.


How to orchestrate next Wednesday’s concert?

The principle of the concert is that all musicians play together. It’s a moment of sharing. During the first part I will be introduced as the “new godfather”, so I will play alone for a while. Then, I will share the stage with Yvan Cassar and the Good Times Foundation group, we have a list of songs to play, I will have to be very disciplined (he laughs)! I’ll have my electric acoustic guitar and I’ll play what I’m told.


What is the message you want to send with this concert?

Hope. This concert is a simple extension of what makes Denis through his fight. It is a manifestation without sadness and full of hope. I wish to create a positive gathering of humans and souls. The music federates. This is the best way to bring everyone together.


Have you planned other musical meetings with the association?

I will answer this every time the association will need me and it will be with pleasure. Today I am committed to this fight and as long as I can bring something to the association I will do it.


 Interview by Daniela Guerra

©Daniela Guerra

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