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The Opera Garnier to the rhythm of Catherine Ringer

24 December 2019 - 11h52

On Monday May 4, 2020, the French rock singer will enchant Salle Garnier to the sound of the hits from the group she previously formed with Fred Chichin: Les Rita Mitsouko.

When Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin decided to associate musically in 1979, they chose the name of Rita Mitsouko. Rita in reference to Latin American music and actress Rita Hayworth; Mitsouko meaning mystery, in Japanese. But while its public supposes that it is the name of the singer, the couple decides to be called Les Rita Mitsouko. Their career will last nearly thirty years, including seven original studio albums, Rita Mitsouko, The No Comprendo, Marc and Robert, Système D, Cool Frénésie, La Femme trombone, Variéty). A remix album (RE) and two live albums (Acoustics, Les Rita Mitsouko in concert with the Lamoureux orchestra).

If the presence and the voice of Catherine Ringer are inseparable from their success, the musical culture and inventiveness of Fred Chichin will allow the group to become a reference. 2007 is the year of change for the duo with the disappearance of Fred Chichin. But the singer continues to perpetuate their work on tour. And it was at the Opéra Garnier that she sang Les Rita Mitsouko in May 2020, honoring the memory of Fred Chichin.


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