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The objectives of the delegate for relations with Monaco at the town hall of Nice

3 August 2020 - 15h00

Appointed at the end of July, François Daure is in charge of relations with Monaco within the Nice municipal council and tells us about his projects and his action plan.

Why was a delegation needed for Nice relations with Monaco?

In reality, this delegation is not entirely new since, for two terms of office, Christian Estrosi had entrusted the Euromed delegation to Agnès Rampal and relations with Monaco were part of this framework. She herself has initiated several projects and opened many discussions between the Principality and the Nice Côte d´Azur metropolis, because obviously the structuring projects are not designed at the city level but at the metropolitan level. Working groups are also active on projects that can be beneficial for both territories.

Can we name a few of these projects?

Certainly. In December 2019 a cross-border cooperation plan was validated. It puts into perspective different themes and several projects. Today, having a direct delegation and no longer through Euromed should strengthen these initiatives in a wide variety of fields. I am thinking in particular of the Smart City and the business incubators that exist both in the Principality with MonacoTech and in the metropolis with structures such as the le Centre Européen dEntreprises et dInnovation. Relationships and lines of cooperation exist between these startups. Monaco is often ahead in certain areas, I am thinking in particular of 5G, which could provide us with lessons in this area.

Transport is also at the heart of cooperation…

Yes, especially as Christian Estrosi is deputy chairman of the regional council of the PACA region. Local communities have invested a lot to provide better rail service. This concerns the trains but also the structures, I am thinking in particular of the Riquier station that many Nice people use to go to Monaco and which has been considerably modernized. There is also this major multimodal operation at Nice airport with the plane, line 2 of the tram and the railway line which passes through Saint-Augustin.

There is another major project, and that is the maritime link which is included in the strategic plan. Operational studies are being carried out with the various communities that may be in charge of this file. All this raises a number of questions that we must study with Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.

Without forgetting the bicycle. There is a strong demand and the metropolis has included the bicycle in its 2040 plan. But it is obvious that it is necessary to secure its use. We need to think about creating a Nice-Monaco axis, but this will require real feasibility studies, due to the complexity of the problem.

Could we talk about your background before this delegation?

In fact, in 2015, Christian Estrosi wanted me to take over, within the Nice Côte d’Azur local and sustainable development council, the chairmanship of the international promotion and cross-border and Mediterranean development commission. This structure is a proposal and advice body that brings together members of civil society and I had also associated people from Monaco. At the same time, a year and a half ago, I published a white paper on the evolution of the support system for businesses at local, national and international levels. It was a very rewarding job and I had also interviewed people from Monaco in this context to benefit from their experience and get to know Monegasque systems well. I had an advisory role. Today, I have an executive function, but it all fits in the same process.

Besides Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, who are your contacts in Monaco?

I can quote in particular Jean Castellini of course with whom we have already had very enriching discussions. I also believe that cooperation is possible in the area of ​​the environment and sustainable development, given the progress made in Monaco. This is not included in my delegation, but the super delegation that Christian Estrosi entrusted to Professor Richard Chemla for the ecological transition will certainly be able to contribute to it.

Interview by Noël METTEY

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