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The phonic nuisance of building sites at the heart of the concerns

27 February 2019 - 10h48

The Commission Innovation BTP was officially installed last night at the Auditorium Rainier III. About fifty people, including representatives of the State, all the public and private actors of the construction as well as some car dealerships, was present in order to begin the exchange on the stakes of the commission.

“Today, everyone is aware of the importance of channeling the nuisances caused by construction sites,  providing effective solutions and to innovating,” says Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of  Public works, Environment, and Urban Planning, before mentioning the four missions of the commission: to take stock of noise pollution from construction sites in Monaco, to exercise technical and technological monitoring in order to detect changes in international best practices, evaluate the feasibility of a implementation in the Principality of the identified solutions and make recommendations on these developments and their implementation

For his part, Jean-Luc Nguyen, Director of Public Works, explained how it works. A schedule of actions is already established. Will start the audit in March, then a plenary session in July where all stakeholders will discuss the proposals.

This commission will be supported by two technical consultants: SETEC energy environment and Bureau Veritas. These two entities will be in charge of performing an audit of existing solutions and completing a feasibility study in Monaco.

Different axes of study have been proposed, such as the crowding of the public space, the pedestrian paths, the problems related to dust in the Principality. But the priority to deal with will be noise pollution (construction equipment, work methods, construction techniques).

Daniela Guerra

®Manuel Vitali – Direction de la Communication

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