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Chartered accountants try to help

25 April 2020 - 13h26

In the context of the current health crisis and the difficulties encountered by many business leaders, the Order of Chartered Accountants is mobilised to provide help and assistance to the main interested parties in order to support them, in particular, in the context of specific measures implemented by the Government.

“We have already assisted more than a thousand companies.” For the President of the Order of Chartered Accountants, Stéphane Garino, the COVID-19 crisis will have heightened the importance of collaboration and mutual aid. As proof, the specialist confides that, in the majority of cases, the assistance to companies carried out by the accountants of the Principality has not given or not yet given rise to invoicing fees since the beginning of the epidemic. “We will see that later, says Stéphane Garino. For now, the priority is to play our role with everyone to help support the Monegasque economy and businesses.”

Multiple roles

In the early days of the crisis, public accounting professionals were partners with the Government in defining the aid, both in its amounts and in its methods and implementations. In a second step, they have and continue to guide entrepreneurs in the preparation of files as well as in all the steps necessary to constitute their files. “We have created a specific cell from the first moments of the crisis, explains Stéphane Garino, so that the State and business leaders can rely on us. The profession has never been so united and it is an experience for the future. We will then move forward on subjects such as teleworking, not only for our teams but also and above all for our customers. But before reaching this stage, we must continue to play our role as an essential link between the State and businesses. In Monaco, the size of the territory is a strength because it allows to maintain a very direct link between all the concerned parties. And if our role is also educational, it is also up to us to highlight to the public that we are in an environment where the notion of corporate taxation is very moderate and State aid consequent. Hence the importance of making full use of solidarity, in both directions and during this type of crisis in order to restore the economy and the State budget as quickly as possible.”

Georges-Olivier KALIFA

Photo : de gauche à droite, Claude Boeri, vice-président, Pascale Taramazzo, Stéphane Garino, Sabine Steiner Toesca, Vanessa Tubino. © DR

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