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Children, ambassadors for sustainable development

26 March 2019 - 15h53

As part of the Monaco Ocean Week, all CM2 classes in the Principality participated today in many fun and participative workshops on sustainable development at Star’N’Bars.

Forty children between 9 and 11 years old animated the courtyard of the Star’N’Bars this morning. On the programme, various activities around the protection of the planet. “This awareness campaign is part of an initiative launched by the Prince Albert II Foundation (FPAII) three years ago called Beyond Plastic Med, which aims to reduce plastic pollution in the Mediterranean. As part of this initiative, we organize every year during Monaco Ocean Week a day of awareness for children. The aim is to make them aware of the problem and the solutions that exist and to try to see with them the actions that can be done at their scale, to limit plastic pollution “, explains Lucile Courtial, head of animations.

An initiative that has awakened the enthusiasm of young people whose laughter was heard throughout the activities. “We did three workshops and it was really good. We learn a lot “, says one of the children before being picked up by one of his classmates:” I enjoyed the quiz and the workshop on sorting. We had a time to beat and we made 2min47! It was great. ”

In total, four activities were proposed by the FPAII and Stars’N’Bars teams concerning waste, new instructions and alternatives to plastic including the limitation of single-use items. The Livret du Schtroumpfrider was given to each child at the end of the workshop, giving advice on the protection of the oceans and the coastline.

Daniela Guerra

©Daniela Guerra

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