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The elected representatives of the National Council meet with the traders of the Fontvieille Shopping Centre

31 January 2019 - 11h06

The President of the National Council Stéphane Valeri, Balthazar Seydoux, Chairman of the Finance and National Economy Committee and Corinne Bertani, National Advisor in charge of trade, met with the shopkeepers of the Fontvieille Shopping Centre (CCF) on Thursday 24th January.

A field visit, in order to exchange with the shopkeepers and listen to them in view of the restructuring of the shopping centre planned for 2023. At the end of this visit, a meeting was held at which the elected representatives discussed with the CCF’s Economic Interest Group.

For Stéphane Valeri, given the impact of the works on the activity of the shopping centre, it is essential to offer tailor-made support, “The National Council will ask the government to support the shopkeepers during the restructuring period, by compensating them for the loss of income they have suffered, but equally after the works, when they are relocated into premises with an equal or greater surface area, and an attractive location.”

Daniela Guerra

®Conseil national

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