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The education in Monaco is changing!

5 September 2019 - 13h50

Finish the ES, L and S streams of the general baccalaureate as we knew them! From kindergarten to high school, this comeback to school sees a number of changes happening for local students. Isabelle Bonnal, Director of the Department of Education, Youth and Sport gave an update on the main lines of the educational transition, five days before the big day. Teachers, kindergarten students, middle and high school students. Nobody escapes the reform.

Farewell to the ES, S and L sectors of the Bac Général

As of Monday, students will all follow the same lessons. They will be able to personalize their course by choosing three specialties at the end of the second class out of the ten proposed by the public and private institutions of Monaco. Four hours per week will be assigned to each specialty. Do not panic for specific courses (European section, English international option) because they will be kept. Another great novelty for the students of Première, the rebalancing of the final score between the continuous control (40%) and the final tests (60%).

The “Masterpiece” of the Bac Professionelle

Throughout the year, students will carry out an individual or collective project, which uses the knowledge and skills of the profession they have learned. This “masterpiece” will have to be presented before a jury at the end of Terminale class. And to continue to give more opportunities to students, they will benefit from the co-intervention of a professional teacher and a teacher of French or mathematics.

The uniform for all elementary schools

After passing the test at the Condamine School, a dress code was generalized for young people from CP to CM2. Namely, a white polo with short sleeves and a long-sleeved and a navy blue vest. All decorated with the blazon of Education. A single point of sale, located in the multipurpose room of Saint-Charles School is open until Saturday. And as of Monday, the clothes will be available on the official supplier’s website. Note, families can buy items from other suppliers while respecting the specifications provided by schools.

Teacher training, digital learning

Digital transition requires, from Monday, all students aged 5 to 16 years will benefit from an hour of learning computer programming, “essential to train future jobs related to the digital revolution,” said Isabelle Bonnal. The “teachers” meanwhile, will be provided with a laptop per person. And as explained by the Director of the Department of Education, Youth and Sport: “Education is only possible by accompanying teachers in this process“, the training of teaching staff was one of the priorities for this fall. Overall, seven out of ten teachers were able to follow a course with the support of the rectorate of Nice.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of orientation

The help “chatbot”, CAESO for Graduate and Orientation Support Coach, will be offered to all Terminale students. Using the Messenger application, he will help students in the construction of their professional project, based on tools to better understand the user: his personality, his appetites, his skills or his motivation.

Daniela Guerra

©Direction de l’Education nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports

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