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Coworking invites itself to Novotel

22 July 2019 - 11h53

After unveiling its new face last April, following three months of renovation work, the establishment is changing and now offers an innovative coworking space, the Wojo corner.

Mixing coworking and proximity, this is the goal of Wojo, a major player in the market for new places to live at work. Officially inaugurated today, this new location within the Novotel guarantees optimal working conditions for professionals, ranging from ergonomic furniture to sound volume adapted to the secure WiFi connection. And this at any time of the day, users can work in these sites on time, half day or day. From the hyper nomad to the regular worker, everyone will find his advantage, because these spaces are free access subject to consumption.

A place, a multitude of services

This 70m2 space is open to hotel guests, business travelers, business people and residents looking for a different work space. Open 24/7, it is also suitable for those who are used to working shifts or with the international. Wojo members can also enjoy the restaurant with terrace, the hotel’s large meeting rooms and parking, or even the outdoor pool!

Daniela Guerra


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