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The Société Nautique is off to a good start of the year

30 January 2019 - 9h23

The Monegasque rowers excelled during the Nice regatta on Sunday.

Whether or not 2019 has as many surprises and medals in store for the Société Nautique de Monaco (SNM) as 2018, it is still too early to tell, but the Nice regatta has already given a glimpse of their ambitions. The competition, which took place last Sunday, saw the Monegasques win many races. The girl’s cadet four, the mixed cadet four, the boy’s junior four, the men’s and women’s senior four, the men’s solo and the men’s double all climbed to the top step of the podium at the end of their respective races. A great performance that also included second place for the boy’s cadet four and the men’s master four, without forgetting third place for the women’s master four.

In summary, the forty licence holders of the Société Nautique present in Nice all finished on the podium, with the exception of the master double who, although first, was disqualified. “I expected our boats to perform well, but this regatta was a real success for the SNM,” said Daniel Fauché. “The year is off to a pretty good start.” Another point of satisfaction for the general coach was the men’s senior four and women’s senior four dominating the competition despite team compositions that are different from those of the last world championships in Canada in October, with a silver and bronze medal respectively.

Jérémie Bernigole

Photo © Société nautique de Monaco


Girls cadet four: Lepra-Tello Adam-Chiavini-Philibert and Raimondo (cox) 1st

Boys cadet four: Savary-Cassini-Civit-Moret and Aubel (cox) 2nd

Mixed cadet four: Pellegrini-Antognelli-Vincenot-Bolognesi and Viora (cox) 1st

Boys Junior four: Strobino-Bordero-Mauro-Nicolas and Kuzin (cox) 1st

Women’s senior four: Fortuna-Albin-Delval-Stefanelli and Raimondo (cox) 1st

Men’s senior four: Gazaix-Noirot-Monfort-Maillet and Stefanelli (cox) 1st

Men’s master four: Giraldi-Scala-Lepra-LaunayI and Kuzin (cox) 2nd

Women’s master four: Rouze-Morin-Morin-Marion-Delgado and Kuzin (cox) 3rd

Men’s solo: Raymond 1st

Men’s double: Dubuis 1st

Master double: Wedding-Rouyer disqualified

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