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The SNM’s new generation shines!

2 July 2019 - 16h00

The mixed quad scull won the French river championship, this weekend at Mantes-la-Jolie. One hell of a performance, especially with how much they flew over the competition.

The Société nautique de Monaco can be proud of its youths. While visiting Mantes-la-Jolie, its minime mixed quad scull, composed of Juliette Raimondo, Martina Sgarbi, Lucas Fauché, Matteo Gastaud and Léo Oncina as its helmsman, became French river champions. Impressive through its mastery, it was both serious and authoritative, since it won the series, the semi-finals and the final! “They dominated the competition, carrying off the final with an advantage of other five seconds”, insists Daniel Fauché, the SNM’s general trainer. “They’re a good crew, we knew it, but we were pleasantly surprised along with Xavier Girard to see them so dominating.” A performance to underline, for 13 and 14-year old teenagers: « They followed the instructions to the letter and confirmed it. They won in a mixed discipline, which is not easy, since it requires experience.

Training continues

The SNM can rejoice about its “kids’” success. The Monegasque club had not won a champion title in this category for a long time… “It makes us happy, we spend a lot of time going back and forth. With all the constraints that we know, such as classes, to bring a winner’s trophy back tastes especially good. But this does not mean they have to stop their efforts. You can always train more, there’s a beautiful future afterwards”, Daniel Fauché underlines. He also has a word for the male quad scull (Cesar Schagenwarth, Thomas Aubel, Luca Cassini-Peloux, Romeo Chiavin with Camille Fumet as helmsman) lined up at Mantes-la-Jolie, which largely dominated its K final, even though they broke an oar during the qualifications: “They made a mistake just after the starting line, so they had to cover a kilometre with only three rowers. During the next two races, they won out by 20 seconds. They could’ve been in the H final, but they deserve their place since they made a mistake. It is part of their learning experience.

Jérémie Bernigole


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