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The fight against childhood cancers “depends on teamwork.”

21 January 2019 - 15h43

On the eve of the Flavien Foundation‘s general assembly on Tuesday 22nd January, its founder Denis Maccario, looks back at the struggle he has been waging for four years, the progress, projects and prospects for 2019.

What is the purpose of this meeting?

For a long time, there was a lack of resources for the fight against childhood cancers, today I am convinced that the fight against these diseases depends on teamwork, so I am more focused on bringing laboratories and researchers together. The objective of this general assembly is to raise awareness, and allow people to meet the whole team, talk with our researchers, learn about progress, and know our results. The assembly is open to all, it takes place at Casa di Soci, on Tuesday 22nd at 7.45pm.

You have been leading this fight for several years, what has it brought you?

When the beginning of the end is announced, the diagnosis is a shock and the illness, death and everything that the family needs to rebuild afterwards is like a tsunami. He was a boy who never felt sick, but who knew he had a disease. He understood that it was not his life we were going to save but the lives of others. Since then, my hatred against cancer has turned into the desire to act, I want to do good for children. I’ve learned to channel my feelings, I’m resilient. I support patients at the end of their lives in several families. I put my feelings to the service of fundraising, alliance building and convincing doctors to turn to paediatrics. I remain convinced that it is through children that there will be treatment opportunities for adults.

You have expanded your territory of action, what are the Foundation’s prospects?

International! (Without hesitation). At the time (February 2014), we had contacted American teams. When the foundation was created, I called them and today we are associated with the Monaco Science Centre, which works with these American teams.

What about the projects?

We have many sports projects this year, such as the Marathon des sables, the Rally of the gazelles, and the crossing of the Alpes by bike. These events aim to raise awareness and funds for research.

You say that the foundation is you, your son and the children. How is your life outside of the foundation?

I work, I’ve never left my job. But, the foundation is my life, it’s my son, it’s the children. Helping families is what makes it possible for me to get up in the morning. All I must do now is this for the rest of my life, I live to do this. This is my fight.


Daniela Guerra

®Fondation Flavien

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