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Institut audiovisuel: “Album de famille”

2 August 2020 - 7h10

During the confinement period, the Institut audiovisuel de Monaco had invited to watch or watch again certain “snapshots” broadcast as part of the screenings of “Tout l’Art du Cinéma”. The cultural institution continues this series on an ad hoc basis and publishes this 57th entitled Album de famille which immerses the viewer in family photographs taken between 1930 and 1970.

This is not the first time that family scenes have been highlighted by the Institut Audiovisuel, as was the case with the extract entitled Enfances à Monaco, 1953 à 1957. Here, these are photographs that replace the traditional video images. “The young Doris Stouvenaut, born in 1913 in London to a French father and an English mother, leads a rather festive and lively life, between the seaside joys of Monte-Carlo Beach and the tennis courts of Monte-Carlo Country-Club. Her husband, Louis Perrottet, a Swiss who moved to Monaco to run the SME in the 1950s, is a great amateur photographer, leaving many color photographs documenting the Principality of that time. A generation later, it is with Jacques Billebaud, station master, that we will discover new views of Monegasque railway life, which was then undergoing rapid change,” it is reported in the description.

Délia KRIEL (with press release)

Album de famille, années 1930 à 1970, photographies sur différents supports – Collection Billebaud © Institut audiovisuel de Monaco – BIL-Fc-2 Projeté en avant-programme de La vie d’O’Haru, femme galante de Kenji Mizoguchi (1952), le mardi 5 mars 2019.

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