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Gregoire Marche, the committed challenger

10 June 2019 - 12h00

He was crowned French number one squash in January, a consecration for the young thirty-years-old-man. Present at the fifty years of the Monaco squash club, Grégoire Marche is a sports enthusiast, now also an entrepreneur and ambassador of soft mobility in Aix en Provence.

Originally from Valence, Gregory Marche bathed in squash from his earliest childhood “my parents had a squash club in Valence they bought when I was a year and a half. I fell in being small. I have been playing since ‘I know how to walk’ “. A “room above the courts” is the memory of the thirties, now the world number one.

At the age of 15, the young Grégoire went to Aix en Provence, to join the France Squash Pole where he began his professional career a few years later, at 18 years old. An adventure full of ups and downs, from which he will keep only the lessons learned “There was a moment in my career where I stagnated. It was very difficult, so last year I put in place a new strategy, I changed a few things in my environment and in my training. It started to bear fruit“. Smiling but with a touch of melancholy, he evokes his new title, obtained last January “It’s motivating and reassuring to be the first French and the sixteenth worldwide. It’s a new role to play! The work pays finally but I think also to Gregoire Gaultier, holder of the title before me and who, by his injury, lost it“.

After this consecration, the Valentinois has given himself a new challenge: to become an entrepreneur. “I recently opened a store in the center of Aix en Provence. We promote soft mobility through scooters, bicycles and electric scooters. This is a new project that has been put in place thanks to the help of my parents. That was important to me because I was using various mobility services in Paris and I found that the offer was missing in Aix”.

Challenges, challenges and more challenges. “My next goal is to enter the world’s top ten. I know I still have room for improvement. I’m coming to maturity today and tomorrow I’ll be in my best years. “Sportsman by day, entrepreneur at night, A double hat for Grégoire Marche, the challenger who is not afraid of anything.

Daniela Guerra

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