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Gray water treatment, Monaco at the forefront

6 June 2019 - 17h38

A demonstration of the FGWRS gray water recycling process was installed and connected to the Fairmont Monte-Carlo’s four-chamber gray water collection network last January. After more than five months of operation, 21.11m3 of water was produced with a recycling rate of almost 85%. An energy and environmental feat but whose economic model remains to be verified.

The FGWRS is a technology derived from research work for the Concordia Antarctic Space Base in 2005, carried out by Firmus France. A veritable “data acquisition center”, this mobile demonstrator, installed with the support of the Soget Monaco teams, seems to be one of the essential solutions in the building sector concerning the preservation of water resources and energy consumption. Thus, various parameters were set up (flow rates, pressure, turbidity, temperature, among others) with data readings every 30 seconds. This information made it possible to follow the process and to intervene remotely if necessary. Since its installation 21,11m3 of water has been produced from 24.9m3 greywater treated with an average energy consumption of 1Kwh / m3. The carbon footprint is therefore positive … “Today only four rooms are connected but the demonstrator can accommodate more. The objective of this project was to demonstrate the recycling rate that could be achieved and the quality of the water produced, “explains Pierre Magnes, development manager of FGWRS.

But what happens to this treated water?

It is the laundry department of the hotel that benefits for now. It remains to be seen whether the institution wants to expand the panel of rooms connected to the network and invest in a business model still unknown and on which FGWRS remains discreet.

Treated water, a step closer to the circular economy

Would you be ready to drink the treated water? For astronauts at Concordia Station, like the famous Thomas Pesquet, the question does not arise. It was in 2005 that the greywater recycling project started in this base and, unlike the Fairmont Hotel, the treated water at Concordia is sent back to the “circuit”. For Christophe Lasserre of Firmus France, this is an example that perfectly illustrates the need for a circular economy and the global need to preserve our water resources.

FGWRS at MonacoTech and Dubai

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, on May 28, FGWRS was integrated the Startup Program of the MonacoTech incubator. In addition, the company has officially signed a partnership agreement with Monaco Inter Expo for the Pavillon Monaco project at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. FGWRS has committed to equipping the pavilion with a greywater recycling process for the six months of operation.

Daniela Guerra

©MonacoTech – Firmus – FGWRS

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