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Good Mood Factory, the innovative healthy concept

3 January 2020 - 16h55

Both a yoga studio and a tea room, Good Mood Factory is the new trendy address. This “sharing” place opened its doors yesterday at 4, avenue Prince Pierre. A first day which was a great success since the two founders, Alice Blanchy and Leslie Bus, welcomed a hundred people!

With such an explicit name, the bet to create a warm and sharing place was already half won. Last December, people were challenged by this large glass shelf, housing a space of 90sqm, avenue Prince Pierre. Officially opened since January 2nd, Good Mood Factory is a pioneer of its kind in the Principality, behind which work two young women, Alice Blanchy and Leslie Bus. Originally, the two friends created their association The Good Mood Factory in August 2018 and notably organized “yoga walks” one Sunday per month and “wellness stays” to disconnect from everyday life. Success is there and the members flock, so much so that the two partners decide to take the plunge and find their premises.


Good Mood Factory © Jeremie Bertrand Photographe


A place for a lifestyle

Red and white chequered apron around the waist, Alice Blanchy is busy behind the counter. In the middle of the morning, she is about to make the soup of the day: leeks, carrots, potatoes and onions. “Simple, but a classic!” she smiles. “The concept is that we are first and foremost a yoga studio, but more generally a place of sharing where we can come and taste our healthy delicacies. Everything is healthy: no refined sugar, no dairy products, no eggs and no gluten”, explains this passionate of cooking and naturopathy. As Leslie Bus gives her first morning yoga class, she provides an overview of the place, which is a tea room, clothing corner from the Canadian brand Lolë yoga and Pilates range, and library space. The latter is also fuelled by readings appreciated by managers for customers wishing to take a break. “We are adopting a slow attitude, which is very much missing in our lives. Here is a place to rest and unwind”, she reveals.


Yoga studio © Jeremie Bertrand Photographe


Yoga classes for young and old

In this spirit of relaxation and well-being, yoga and Pilates classes are offered… for everyone! “We suggest different styles: Yin Yoga which is a very gentle and meditative yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, more dynamic and yoga flow, in music and whose movements are rather choreographed“, lists Alice Blanchy. Classes are held in the 30sqm studio in the back room and can include up to 12 people maximum. The prices vary according to the chosen formula, with an adult course at 25 euros and decreasing prices compared to the number of courses purchased. As for the time slots, they extend from 7:45am until… 9pm! Another specificity, a time slot exclusively reserved for children: Wednesdays from 4pm to 4:45pm, at 15 euros per lesson, and for a maximum of eight students. In parallel, “on Saturday mornings, we will carry out themed workshops, for example mixing naturopathy or focusing on the preparation of athletes…” If the two founders are teeming with ideas, they also participate in the revival of an entire historic district, which has recently witnessed the flourishing of restaurant signs claiming a healthier lifestyle. With Good Mood Factory, Alice Blanchy and Leslie Bus, stakeholders in this change of mentality also admit to feeling something primordial, the feeling of having “made a dream come true“.


Photo de couverture, de gauche à droite : Alice Blanchy et Leslie Bus © DK

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