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Fintech: digital at the service of finance

27 March 2019 - 10h35

Yesterday it was linked the first Business Time of the year of the Jeune Chambre Economique de Monaco (JCEM) a

to the Fairmont. Several experts debated on a main theme: digital in the service of finance, its role, its axes of action and the place of the human in this area which is increasingly digital.

A contraction of “finance” and “technology”, the term Fintech refers to innovative startups, using digital technologies, mobile, artificial intelligence, among others to provide financial services more efficiently. “How is technology transforming finance? “asks Camille Tyan, co-founder of  PayPlug,

a company offering an online payment solution designed for SMEs. For the entrepreneur, the Fintech is based on four pillars, first of all the user experience resulting from the instantaneity and manageability of the offers, then the direct distribution of the services thanks to the dematerialized approaches, then the performances of the Fintech for example, today it is possible to predict the risks of fraud and adapt the service accordingly. Finally, process automation, Fintech acclimates to all types of users.

Private bankers, in full evolution

For Grégory Gadzinki, a doctor in quantitative economics and a professor of finance, the world of private bankers is in the midst of change as we now witness the arrival of digital solutions that can replace humans, such as Robots Advisors for example. However, these major evolutions signify the transformation of the profession of private banker, who becomes a conductor in human management. “The private banker will not disappear, it is renewed, changes and evolves“, says the professor shortly before the end of his intervention.

Daniela Guerra


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