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Femina Sports welcomes gymnasts from Saint-Etienne pole

2 July 2020 - 10h54

Eric and Monique Hagard, coaches of the France gym Saint-Etienne pole took five of their gymnasts on training camp this week in the Principality. An opportunity for young Femina Sports athletes to share a friendly moment and learn alongside the best French gymnasts.

It is 9am yesterday morning in the Princesse Stéphanie gymnastics hall located on level -9 of the Monaco train station. The five gymnasts from the Saint-Etienne pole, Lorette Charpy, Aline Friess, Alizée Letrange, Maëlys and Maëwenn Eugène are already warming up alongside a dozen young athletes from the Monaco club. Arrived at the start of the week, they came for “a change of scenery” and to spend “a moment of sharing and conviviality” with their counterparts at the Principality club, as Eric Hagard explains. “The health context was relatively complex to manage psychologically for the girls who were preparing for big meetings, especially when the Olympic Games were cancelled. Initially, we had anticipated confinement by bringing our athletes to a mountain lodge several hundred metres above sea level so that they could continue training and finally, this continued.” An effective extension until May 11th in France, the date of national deconfinement but also of authorization for high-level athletes to resume a planned activity. If the gymnasts of the pole were able to keep their physical condition for two months, like those of the Monegasque club who had adopted the D system to be able to train, they were particularly delighted to finally find their apparatus, as their coach confides .


Eric Hagard, Kimberly Arnulf, manager of Femina Sports and Monique Hagard © DK


A last stop in Monaco

In order to end a season, morally trying, on a positive note, this training camp in the Principality has proven to be a great opportunity to re-motivate the French athletes before a well-deserved break tomorrow evening until July 20th. “Thanks to our privileged contacts with Monaco and the Femina Sports club, we were able to organize this course which allows to change the air, to create exchanges and to share with enthusiasm our expertise,” explains Eric Hagard with satisfaction. The gymnasts met each morning from 9am to 1pm, against two daily training sessions of three hours in normal times. On the programme: proprioception exercises to work the deep muscles and avoid trauma, physical warm-up in music or muscle strengthening before going to the four apparatus, beam, floor, bars and vault. Their afternoons are devoted to the discovery of Monaco… or to its rediscovery.


The gymnasts of Femina Sports © DK


Invitation to the Princess Grace gymnastics gala

Indeed, Lorette Charpy had already set foot in Monaco when she came for the Princess Grace gymnastics gala last November. She was then accompanied by Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, currently at home in Martinique and described as “a real locomotive that helps to move the gymnastic forward” by her trainer. The latter is full of praise for the champion he has coached for over eight years. If the next deadline for gymnasts from the Saint-Etienne pole is set for next December with the European Championships in Baku, this Monegasque stage therefore ends a year marked by “great frustration”. The coaching duo nevertheless hopes that they will “keep a good memory from the year”… and will be able to bounce back next season!


Aline Friess, Lorette Charpy, Alizée Letrange, Maëlys Eugène et Maëwenn Eugène © DK


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