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Fabrice Luchini to open the TPG season

18 September 2018 - 14h14

Carole Bouquet, François Berléand, Mathilde Seigner and Richard Berry… Once again, there are a host of big names in the programme for the Théâtre Princesse Grace’s 2018/2019 season, which includes 25 pieces to be performed between October and May, many of which are monologues and on topical subjects.

His inimitable style had not lightened up the Théâtre Princesse Grace since 2016, when he opened the season with poetry, but on 10th and 11th October, Fabrice Luchini plays “Les Ecrivains qui Parlent d’Argent”. From De Charles Péguy to Marcel Pagnol and from Sacha Guitry to Emile Zola … “He turned down all tours in 2018 and kept this exclusive two-evening performance for the TPG”, recounts Françoise Gamerdinger, Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs, to applause from the audience. “Money won’t bring happiness, but I think this evening will make a contribution!” The season makes a flying start, and then continues with Michel Tremblay’s “A Toi pour Toujours, ta Marie-Lou”, (which has been translated into 35 languages!) on the 18th, and the arrival of François Beleeand in “Ramses II” at the Grimaldi Forum a week later. A nice nod to the summer exhibition…

The TPG then returns to the Forum for two more performances, first on 7th March, for “La Nouvelle”, by Eric Assous, in which Simon, played by Richard Berry, introduces his new partner, Mado (played by Mathilde Seigner), who is 20 years younger than he is, to his children. Still on an emotional register, there is “Le Jeu de l’Amour et du Hasard” by Marivaux on 24th April. The play is directed by Catherine Hiegel, while Vincent Dedienne plays opposite Laure Calamy and Clothilde Hesme in this great classic of French literature. A game of masks and comic effects will bring laughter, despite the evident social protests of the period.

“Hard” topics and the role of the theatre

The topics will be “harder” in November, with three plays scheduled for the 8th, 14th and 22nd. The first, “Heureux les Heureux”, from the novel by Yasmina Rez, will see Carole Bouquet take the stage, playing women and men “who are struggling with the reality that escapes them and failing desires” in brief, sometimes melancholic and sometimes humorous, monologues. The second, “Vous n’aurez pas ma Haine”, brings back the demons of the Paris attacks of November 2015, especially at the Bataclan. After his wife was felled by the bullets at the concert hall, the journalist and writer Antoine Leris posted a letter on Facebook three days later. “On Wednesday evening, you took away the life of an exceptional person, the love of my life, the mother of my son, but you will not earn my hatred “, quotes Françoise Gamerdinger. Raphaël Personnaz brings this poignant story to the stage of the TPG with an interpretation that won the Molière Award for best solo performance. Finally, to conclude the month of November, “Le Ventre de la Baleine” by Stanislas Cotton takes violence against women as its theme, three days before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. “The theatre exists for this, too. (…) We don’t hide behind our little comforts; we have the courage to put these dramatic situations into words”, says the Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

December will be a synonym for levity, between “Sulki & Sulku Ont des Conversations Intelligentes”, by Jean-Michel Ribes (4th), “Le Malade Imaginaire” by Molière (7th) and “Terminus” by Antoine Rault, starring Lorant Deutsch (20th), not forgetting, in the meanwhile, the show for young people “Merlin, la Légende”, by Caroline Ami and Flavie Péan (12th), while we await the arrival of Father Christmas at the TPG.


15 pieces between January and mid-May

The pace of performances intensifies in January, which sees three pieces during the month, two of which are monologues, a speciality of this season: “Madame Marguerite”, by Roberto Athayde on the 9th, “Le Sale Discours”, by and starring David Wahl on the 15th and finally “Le Fils”, by Florian Zeller. “Le Fils”, which won the Prince Pierre Prize in 2003, closes his family trilogy, after “Le Père” and “La Mère”. On 7th February, in Reginald Rose’s “12 Hommes en Colère”, a jury meets behind closed doors to decide the fate of a boy who has been accused of murdering his father. A completely different atmosphere awaits the audience five days later, with the arrival of Charles Berling, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Alain Fromager. The three actors will be presenting “Art” by Yasmina Reza, following a four-month run at the Théâtre Antoine in Paris. “It’s an extremely funny show that tells the story of a friendship among three men that is in the process of disintegrating”, says Charles Berling. “Twenty-five years ago, Fabrice Luchini was in the first version, with Pierre Arditi and Pierre Vaneck”.  his partner in crime Alain Fromager adds maliciously: “There are three of us on the stage, but we have the sensation that there are four of us performing, with the public. If you come, you’ll see what I mean”. Pierre Arditi follows them, reading his favourite pieces on 25th February.

In addition to Richard Berry and Mathilde Seigner, the Comédie Française (“Bajazet” by Jean Racine, on 5/3) and Francis Huster (“Horowitz le Pianiste du Siècle”, on 23/3) will also be in the Principality in March. A completely female billing directed by Salomé Lelouche will be appearing on 14th March, with “Justice”, in which six female actors take it in turns to give us an uncompromising portrait of our society. “The plot of the play takes its inspiration from Victor Hugo, for whom the police were everywhere, but justice was nowhere”, explains Françoise Gamerdinger. The 22 days between “Ce que J’appelle Oubli”, by Laurent Mauvignier, with Denis Podalydès (Comédie Française). and the final evening event at the Grimaldi Forum remind us that the TPG season is about to come to an end. Only three pieces remain to be discovered. The couple made up of Michelle Fau and Mélanie Doutey splits up, and Mélanie Doutey takes a different tangent with three lovers in “Douce-Amère”, by Jean Poiret, on 30th April. Once performed by Claude Brasseur and Claude Rich, “Le Souper” by Jean-Claude Brisville will be put on by the Mesguich father and son duo on 2nd May. On the 7th, Alexis Michalik, who is “always very rhythmic, creative and original, and has great sensitivity” brings the dance to a close with his piece entitled “Intra Muros”. To conclude her presentation, Françoise Gamerdinger announced the creation of the Société des Amis du Théâtre Princesse Grace. Let the show begin !


Jérémie Bernigole

Photo ©Stéphanie Guertin

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