Mythic and passionate 2CV

3 January 2019 - 12h53

Some have been restored with the greatest care and according to the most rigorous rules of art. Others, on the contrary, have voluntarily been “left in their own way”. All, from the oldest to the most recent, from the most famous to the most confidential, have written the pages of a legendary story begun in the 1930s. Sold over five million copies worldwide, the most famous of the cars. of the planet, the 2CV, remains an object of desire for many collectors.

In Monaco, the capital of luxury vehicles, a passionate of the first hour has, along the water, acquired thirty copies of this legendary Deuche, preciously maintained and stored in a “garage” become with the years a real small private museum. As a totally exceptional, the doors of this place located not far from the principality opened for a photo shoot. A privileged moment that is translated by this exhibition that you are about to discover through 13 shots selected according to their interest both historical and aesthetic. Among the rarest examples, two 2CV “Sahara” four-wheel drive, produced between 1958 and 1966 to only 700 copies and the surprising design, two engines, one in the front and one in the trunk, two tanks. gasoline on each side for a car originally intended for oil exploration, but which will go up to participate, in a modernized version, to the Dakar Rally in 2005 and 2007. But also a very good example of “Azelle” cabriolet yellow more beautiful effect. Or a magnificent “AU” type, that is to say a van version launched in 1951 and used by the French postal services since 1952. As well as some models produced from 1976 inaugurating themed versions: 2CV “Spot »With white and orange dress, 2CV« 007 »inspired by the movie Just for your eyes from the James Bond series,” France 3 “,” Cocorico “,” Perrier “with matching picnic cooler, but also the must-see “Charleston”

A collection all the more exceptional as its owner, every year, makes it live through an outing with friends on the small roads of the hinterland. 80 years after the birth of the TPV project for “very small car”, nearly 70 years after the release of the first production unit and a quarter of a century after the end of its production, this more than rudimentary car that gave birth at the end of the 60’s with the slogan “Four wheels under an umbrella”, continues to feed the passion and never found equivalent on the market. A true myth.

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