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Eric Cantona to receive UEFA President’s Award

29 August 2019 - 16h02

This Thursday 29 of august at the Grimaldi Forum, during the Champions League draws, football legend Eric Cantona will receive the 2019 President’s Award in recognition of his commitment on and off the pitches.

As the UEFA will proceed the Champions League draws, and all the best players in the world will be watching, Eric Cantona will receive one of the most prestigious honorary awards by president of UEFA Aleksander Čeferin. The same way last years winner David Beckham experienced, Eric Cantona will succeed great legends such as Johan Cruyff or Raymond Kopa, who have already been crowned with this prestigious award. This prize, created in 1998 by UEFA, recognises outstanding achievements, professional excellence and exemplary personal qualities. Characteristics obviously possessed by the former Red Devil, as Aleksander Čeferin confirms “this award not only recognises his career as a player of the highest calibre, but also honours him for the person he is – a man who refuses compromise, who stands up for his values, who speaks his mind and in particular, puts his heart and his soul into supporting the causes he believes in.” Since his early retirement in 1997, “Canto” as actively been involved in numerous charity projects, such as the Common Goal initiative, for which he contributes with 1% of his annual salary. Showing an incredible fighting-spirit when he had to defend his clubs’ colours, he never ceased to show the same tenacity outside the pitches, especially when he has to support causes that he believes to be the right ones.

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