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Emile Zola and Paul Cézanne: a friendship beyond time

11 November 2019 - 10h44

The Association Monégasque pour la Connaissance des Arts (AMCA) is organizing the conference, “Zola, writing it to pictorial service or the temptation to impose taste” tonight at the Variety Theater at 6.30 pm by Christophe Mory. At the heart of the debate, Zola Naturalism, illustrated in all volumes of Les Rougon-Macquart, including L’œuvre, the novel deemed to have broken the friendship of the writer with his childhood friend, Paul Cezanne.

One is a writer and the other is an artist. The two friends met at Aix en Provence College and have remained linked for life since this meeting. It is in the name of Naturalism that Emile Zola will be angry with Paul Cezanne. L’œuvre, published in 1886, portrays a cursed painter who lives throughout the misunderstood novel of the public, who, face to his failure, ends up hanging himself in front of his gigantic unfinished painting. Paul Cézanne having recognized himself in the main character, breaks his friendship with Emile Zola.

An event to understand everything

This conference will draw a picture on the history of the famous French naturalist writer, it will be led by Christophe Mory, former producer at Radio France and columnist on BFM Business but also on Radio Notre Dame, today author of twenty books (novels, biography, theater, essays), among others.


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