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“Des bonbons pour l’âme”, a book to reconsider everything

16 August 2019 - 10h00

Through this manuscript, Thierry Villette, a local writer, leads the reader towards the path of self-rediscovery and questioning. A fluid and easy text awaits the booksellers from 14 years old on this introspective journey during which, the famous childish song The Bare Necessities will resonate constantly in the head.

At a time when globalization is in full swing and the digital revolution is invading everyday life, existential questions remain. But this time, other issues related to the current era are added. Thus, Des bonbons pour l’âme, Thierry Villette’s first manuscript, seeks to guide the reader to “find the best of oneself“. A title for the least evocative and full of sweetness that includes more than 200 pages that mix anecdotes of the past, advice for the future but also reflections specific to the author. “One thing pushed me to write this book: people complain about their daily lives and the problems they encounter. Very often, they remain spectators of their lives without reacting and without changing what does not suit them. I would like them to finally realize these long-awaited changes through the pages of my book, “he reveals.

A book accessible to all

Easy to read, this text addresses a multitude of topics ranging from food to sleep, through human relations. “It’s a book that can be read several times and that you learn a new thing at each proofreading,” says the writer. No matter the age of the reader, whether adult or teenager, Des bonbons pour l’âme will answer the questions “that remain unresolved“. “Well-being depends on everyone’s willingness to work hard and get out of their comfort zone. This book is not a miracle recipe book. It provides indications, simple advice. The reader always has the choice to follow them or not to follow them “, specifies Thierry Villette.

The first manuscript but not the last

Available at Fnac Monaco and online, Des bonbons pour l’âme was released at Lanore Editions last March, already a great success in the Principality. And for proof, during the Rencontres Littéraires 2019, Thierry Villette was the first of eight years of existence of the event and the only one to have sold all his books. The following ? A new manuscript should be published in spring 2020 with the same theme, “self-awakening“. After almost nine years for the publication of his first book, a new page finally opens for the local writer, therapist in integrative care, speaker and lecturer for help in the concentration in some schools in Monaco but also adventurer to his lost time, as during his participation in the show Koh Lanta in 2012.

Daniela Guerra

©Thierry Villette

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