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Covid 19: compulsory mask while in queues and measures for areas at risk

30 July 2020 - 16h54

Didier Gamerdinger, Government advisor-Minister of Social Affairs and Health and Eric Voiglio, medical inspector of public health took stock this afternoon on the health situation and announced new measures.

While Monaco has observed a number of new positive cases lately, these are isolated cases sometimes observed in neighboring municipalities or even on boats, and generally contamination in areas at risk. Until then, these people are asymptomatic and recoveries are quick. After the serological tests which were carried out including at school and the catch-ups sessions with some 450 per day which took place and sometimes corresponded to a second test, the Government handed the reins over to the city medicine with five doctors, eight pharmacists, and nurses. All received 680 tests. The system is working well. In addition, to the satisfaction of hoteliers, restaurateurs and merchants, the MonacoSafe label reassures customers. 78 entities have been labeled to date. To justify that this label is well deserved, checks take place during the day in shops and in the evening mainly in restaurants and bars by teams associating Sanitary Action, Labor Inspectorate and Public Security. Didier Gamerdinger himself accompanied one of those checks the other week, notably at the Quai des Artistes and at La Rascasse.

A general observation was made: in the queues, young people in different places were often too close to each other and without masks. Wearing a mask will therefore be mandatory in queues, especially for bars or at the stadium for the Herculis meeting.

The other problem is that of travelers going to or coming from areas at risk in Europe. It is recommended that you check the list regularly (especially on the ECDC website) and avoid going there if possible. Now, for residents who nevertheless decide to go, they are strongly urged to register when they return to be tested. A system based on membership, emphasises Didier Gamerdinger. As for tourists who come from an intra-European exposed area and are going to stay in a hotel, it will be required that they can provide a PCR test dating back less than 72 hours or that they do one on site and be quarantined in the meantime, knowing that the result must be obtained within 24 hours. Identical approach for those coming from an extra European area. Didier Gamerdinger points out that hoteliers informed that they do not encounter any difficulties with customers on this subject. For information, the testing capacity at the CHPG and CSM alone is 180 per day, knowing that it is possible to use other nearby laboratories. In addition to the security it provides, this approach has the advantage of being able to welcome customers from these different areas. The case of the Herculis meeting has been mentioned: athletes will also have to have a PCR test performed 72 hours before, and if they arrive before three days, a PCR sample will be taken in Monaco at the sports medical center.

The Monegasque authorities are also closely monitoring research of a vaccine. The Minister of State wrote to the French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, to confirm that Monaco was involved in these steps in accordance with the Franco-Monegasque convention. Several avenues are being considered, one with Astra Zeneca with a vaccine designed from DNA and the other is Moderna’s project which relies on the MRA of the virus whose phase 3 trials have started. The Prince has received the president of Moderna in recent weeks. Didier Gamerdinger recalled that the authorities were relying on the health sciences committee and on French experts including Professors Arnaud Fontanet and Jean-Claude Weill. Real progress is therefore underway, but until then, the imperative remains more than ever: wearing a mask and health measures.


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