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National Council: vote on the right to an account and family benefits for the self-employed

1 July 2020 - 14h40

Right to the account, family allowances for the self-employed, sanctions in the event of fraudulent organization of insolvency, statute of the magistracy, the agenda of the National Council was, for this last session of the spring session, loaded and diverse. We learned on this occasion the deposit of the 2nd amending budget on the office of the National Council.

A session marked more by extremely technical presentations, as required by the different subjects, than by political debates. First text presented: bill n°991 on the establishment of a right to an account. It resulted from the transformation into a bill of the proposal tabled in September 2017 by Christophe Steiner. Then President of the National Council, he had insisted on presenting this proposal on a subject that seemed essential to him before the end of the previous mandate while indicating at the time that the text would require significant legal work. The government by transforming this proposal into a project and the elected officials at the forefront of which the rapporteur Fabrice Notari last night stressed the absolute necessity of this right to the account. For his part, the government adviser-Minister of Finance and Economy, qualified this right to the account as effective, practical and operational in the private or professional fields. He underlined that this text could benefit the Monegasques, residents and more generally to all the players of the social and economic life and confirmed the agreement of the government on all the amendments proposed by the National Council. By the way, Franck Julien had explained the difficulties he had encountered during the last electoral campaign when he was the treasurer of Primo!. This question of the right to the account is settled or will be quickly resolved according to the deadlines but at the cost of major legal work, as planned.


Corinne Bertani et Fabrice Notari © Conseil National


The question of the head of the household

Second text to come under discussion this Tuesday evening: that establishing family benefits for the self-employed. The rapporteur was Corinne Bertani who explained in detail the problem of these services, while returning to the history of this file. In response, in a long speech, before tackling the proposed amendments, Didier Gamerdinger recalled the history of this issue of family benefits, in particular, in relation to the question of equality of women and men in matters of opening of social rights. “The texts in force in this area have, so far, posed the principle of the primacy of man over woman. However, this approach is not in line with the evolution of society which fully recognizes gender equality today, which is perfectly legitimate. The women of this country aspire, and it is legitimate, to a recognition of their rights in this regard. This is the reason why the government has undertaken to put an end to the application of backward-looking rules that can no longer be understood today.” And the government adviser-Minister of Health and Social Affairs to recall the various responses, notably the creation of a compensatory allowance and to specify that the government had the objective of reforming all the applicable texts.


Stéphane Valeri © Conseil National


Renegotiate with France

However, as has been said on several occasions, “it is imperative to renegotiate with France the provisions of the bilateral social security convention so that the financial burden of reforming the conditions for entitlement to family benefits is bearable for the CCSS “. Discussions were supposed to start at the beginning of the year but were postponed due to covid 19. For his part, the President of the National Council notably stressed about this text: “This is a breakthrough for women dependent on the scheme for self-employed workers and residents in the Principality who, under this scheme, can now opt for the status of head of household (…). If resident female civil servants already enjoyed this right, this is still not the case for salaried women and we can therefore only invite the government to try to reach the renegotiation of the bilateral agreement as soon as possible, a condition prior to this development ”.

Didier Gamerdinger nevertheless wished to emphasize that this project voted last night was particularly innovative: “The notion of head of household is purely and simply abandoned in favour of those who are more neutral, that is to say the person with the right benefits, and recipient of the payment which will allow women to be directly recipients of the payment of family allowances”.


Béatrice Fresko-Rolfo © Conseil National


Fight against the fraudulent organization of insolvency

The third bill, like the first of the evening, was an opportunity to note the continuity of legislative action beyond the legislatures when it comes to matters of general interest. Beatrice Fresko-Rolfo reported the bill on the fraudulent organization of insolvency. She was delighted to be rapporteur while recalling that she had been the first signatory of the bill on this subject in the previous legislature which had not been studied. She indicated that at the time her attention had been drawn to a mother who could not obtain payment of support payments despite the flourishing commercial activity of her ex-spouse or by the victims of criminal offenses… This text obviously voted by the elected, Serge Telle, the Minister of State, underlined all the importance of it.


© Conseil National

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