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Connected bus shelters, a step closer to the Smart City

4 March 2019 - 17h35

This morning was inaugurated the first connected traveler bus shelter of the Principality. Touch terminals, 4G equipment, contactless payment functionality, display totems and other features are planned. On 1 July, 33 “smart” bus shelters will be installed in the Principality.

A true first year of the Smart City program, 2019 will be marked by the realization of many digital projects. Including the deployment of connected bus shelters that will become digital landmarks in the heart of the city, a project led by the government, the City Hall and Clear Channel, a major player in global communication and advertising devices. “For us this is a very important moment, a step in what will be the Smart City. And this Smart City begins today with this inauguration and this beginning of revolution, “explains the Minister of State Serge Telle.

By the end of the year, 33 bus shelters will be installed. More aesthetic and functional, they will integrate bilingual French-English information kiosks with the automatic integration of the content of existing applications (Monaco Welcome, Monaco Bus, Visit Monaco), commercials, and 4G Wi-Fi access. will be free for Monaco Telecom customers. Tourists can enjoy two hours of free Wi-Fi per day. For Philippe Baudillon, president of Clear Channel France: “Street furniture is an ideal communication tool for public entities that want to address citizen-users. This creates links. This partnership is a step. We want to bring more usefulness and possibility in this dialogue, it is a trip that we hope to do with you for the years to come. ”

Other functionalities are planned in the long term, such as the contactless payment which will allow (once the project of evolution of the ticketing CAM finalized) the purchase of tickets or the installation of sensors for the treatment of the data (air quality, noise, traffic …).

Daniela Guerra

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