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Botanical Center, meeting unique species

20 May 2019 - 11h57

As part of the European Night of Museums last Saturday, the botanical center of the Exotic Garden opened its doors to the public and organized two new and free tours.

Initially located a few tens of meters from the entrance of the Exotic Garden, the center moved in October 2017 to new premises facing the garden. 10,500 plants, 500 in containers and 10,000 in pots were transferred to the new structure, “very modern and at the forefront of technology” according to the specialist of the visit. A difficult step that required a considerable adaptation time for plants.

A preservation bank

“We wanted to create four different ecosystems: the Mexican, the American, the African and the Malagasy. The Mexican greenhouse is an arid environment, especially with cacti, euphorbia (cactus-like succulents) and agaves among others. The American ecosystem is home to plants from the center, south and north of the continent. Unlike cacti that grow in the arid zone, the cacti present in this shelter can live in a humid environment. The African-Malagasy greenhouse, meanwhile, offers a very diverse vegetation and unique in the world, “says the expert during the visit.

85% of the conserved plants are protected

Organized on three levels, the establishment relies on seven specialized gardeners, 900 m² of greenhouses and 1,000 m² of shelter and has two objectives: the conservation and protection of rare or endangered plants and plants, as well as the multiplication a part of the subjects intended to take place in the garden or to be exposed during floral. “We are a preservation bank, a database and a study center“, concludes the expert, in front of thirty people who came to discover the plant diversity of other continents.

Daniela Guerra

©Daniela Guerra

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